Merely the Beginning


AHH my first blog post!!! I’m so EXCITED!!! Oh wait, I should introduce myself! My name is Julia, and I am a complete bibliophile. I’ve loved reading all my life and  am always searching for my next literature fix. Like any true fangirl, I crave to share my love for novels. Then it hit me – what better way to express my love and opinions than to start a book blog? Thus, Fable Hunter was born.

I enjoy books of all genres, but I have a special soft spot for (YA) fantasy. There is nothing more enjoyable than curling up with a cup of tea and a fantasy book and being transported to a new fantastically magical world trapped within bound pages. Those are the kinds of books I find myself reading into the early morning, when the sun starts to creep over the horizon and my rooster starts to crow (I do mean that literally). A more comprehensive list of my favorite books will be on my About Me page, but one of my absolute favorites is Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck, so don’t be surprised to see a post about it soon!

You’d probably like to know a little bit about me – you already know my name which is a great start! You can call me anything you’d like – Julia, Jules, your Majesty, Queen Huntress, whatever feels most natural. I’m passionate about many things, books being my main love of course. However I adore anything cutesy or related to wolves or peacocks. My weekends are often spent cuddling with my pet cat Homer (the greek author – NOT SIMPSON!) watching Netflix or reading. I think that’s a nice little synopsis of myself, and if you’d like to learn more, check out my About Me page!



A little information about my plans with this blog might be beneficial to you as well. I plan to discuss anything book related – that’s a bit obvious huh?  Honestly – I’m not entirely 100% sure what I’ll be posting yet. I’m still figuring out this entire “blogger” thing but I do know it’ll be a lot of gushing over anything involving the written word – book reviews, book v show (or movie), discussions, my past favorites, my new favorites, maybe some memes here and there. Hopefully as time goes on I’ll better identify the type of posts I’ll do. My plan right now is to post about once a week, which will most likely be on the weekend (I have a life outside of reading books and writing about them sadly). Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to increase the frequency (wouldn’t that be wonderful?).

I also hope to build a presence on other social media platforms. You can check out my social media links on the bottom of the page to find me on Twitter, Goodreads and Instagram! You can follow me there and don’t forget to check out my sidebar for a way to follow my blog and get email updates every time that I post!

I can’t wait to see where this all takes me, and I hope you’ll join me on this adventure because every journey is better with companions. Have a lovely day my fellow hunters!

27 thoughts on “Merely the Beginning”

      1. Aww thats great haha! Mine is about 6 years old and a very grumpy cat who enjoys snuggling and climbing on top of books 😅. I love how they have such unique personalities

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  1. Welcome to WordPress! Great first post. I love readibg and wish i had more time to devote to books but, sadly, life gets too much in the way. At the moment i too wake up to the sounds of crowing, but not from my own bird…it is a summoning from the neighbour’s rooster hanging around my chicken coop waiting to be fed… he will not take the hint and go home!

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    1. Thank you for the welcome and kind words! I struggle as well to make time for books, which is sometimes frustrating, but I persevere. Haha, the roosters call can be very hard to ignore 😂


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