Ever the Hunted: Book Review

Ever the Hunted (Clash of Kingdoms, #1)
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Title: Ever the Hunted

Author: Erin Summerill

Genre: YA, Mystery, Fiction, Fantasy

Series: A Clash of Kingdoms (⅓)


Synopsis: “Seventeen year-old Britta Flannery is at ease only in the woods with her dagger and bow. She spends her days tracking criminals alongside her father, the legendary bounty hunter for the King of Malam—that is, until her father is murdered. Now outcast and alone and having no rights to her father’s land or inheritance, she seeks refuge where she feels most safe: the Ever Woods. When Britta is caught poaching by the royal guard, instead of facing the noose she is offered a deal: her freedom in exchange for her father’s killer.

However, it’s not so simple. 

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My Review:

Ever the Hunted. Ever the Wonderful. Ever the Predictable? I am swirling in thoughts, emotions and clashing opinions after finishing this book. Let’s delve in.

To start, an introduction. Ever the Hunted is the first book in the Clash of Kingdoms series. The story focuses on a young, outcast named Britta Flannery, daughter of the recently murdered royal bounty hunter. As the story unfolds, Britta is on a quest to find her father’s killer, but the more she searches, the less clear it becomes of who she can trust, or if she can even trust herself.

This story had a lot of qualities I enjoyed. It strongly reminded me of the book Graceling by Kristin Cashore. It was an action packed mystery full of intrigue and was detailed without feeling weighted. The opening  pages with the thoughts and world seen through the eyes of someone frightened and starving, was enough to draw me in. I was full of high hopes and anticipation as I began to read.

As a whole, I really enjoyed the book. It was interesting and captivating but on occasion, also predictable. Then again, there were some surprising parts as well, which made the story more balanced. The ending in particular just about killed me emotionally (in a good way!) and made me want to read the next book desperately. So overall I was pleased with the story.

I very much enjoyed Britta’s character. She was a strong protagonist, clever and fiesty. She conveyed strength and determination well, and had a strong sense of respect and empathy for life which was very appealing to me. I’ve often noticed books that try to create female protagonists try to have them reject feminine qualities, which sometimes irks me if I felt it wasn’t needed. Some women are like that but I believe you can be strong without ignoring emotions or burning a skirt in protest. I never really got that feeling from Britta – she just was.

There is a focus on romance through the novel but I felt there was something very frustrating and lacking in the romantic relationship of the characters. They obviously care deeply for one another but I just kept wanting something…more tangible. However for those people who don’t enjoy books with a heavy romantic aspect might like the balance of light romance and action packed plot.

Overall, the plot developed well and left me wanting to read more. It was a tad predictable at certain parts but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment and I can’t wait to start Ever the Brave, the second book of the series. My final rating for the book is 4/5. For anyone who loves fantasy novels, it would be well worth the read.

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