LitJoy June Crate Unboxing

Hello my book dragons and welcome to my second post in the Book Box Delights series, and my first ever unboxing! For this post I will be discussing the LitJoy June crate! WARNING: THIS POST IS AN UNBOXING AND WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!

My purchase experience:

This isn’t my first ever book box, but it is the first box I’ve received in a long time. It is also my first time purchasing a box from LitJoy. LitJoy crate is run by a book loving duo named Alix and Kelly. LitJoy is a YA book box that delivers a book with several goodies catered the the box/book theme of the month (they do a variety of genres within the YA book spectrum). I did a one time purchase of their June Gothic Ghostbuster’s crate for about $40 (including shipping costs), and couldn’t be happier with what I received! My box did arrive a little late due to an issue with one of the suppliers of an item in the box. Even with the delay, I was so excited and happy when I received my crate!

The unboxing:

Received my first ever #litjoycrate !!! 💕 I can’t wait to dig into it and #unhaul this amazing box! 😍🙌🏻😍

Let me just start with the actual box – it is so cute! However, the goodies inside is what really impressed me. In total (not including the book), there were 8 items! I was taken aback by the amount and quality of goods included!


Something really cool that the crate came with was a little booklet full of pictures of the items. It included an explanation as to why the items were included, and how they relate to the book! I adore the cover, the art was so well done and beautiful! Through the post, I’ll be including some of the explanations included in the booklet for each item!


And what is the book that was included? Well it was…

My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows!

The Janies – Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows – are back with another irreverent tale of mischief, mayhem, and romance! … My Plain Jane reinvents Bronte’s classic with an irresistible new adventure, some new characters, GHOSTS, and even a new romance…

The book cover alone is lovely, and inside the book was signed by all three authors and included a letter to readers! It was super neat, and made the book feel a little more special to me. As a lover of classics, I’m beyond ecstatic about this reinvention of Jane Eyre! And to enhance this excitement, the crate came with some fantastic goodies!


Object Number 1: A tea towel with a Peter Pan quote!

This gorgeous tea towel is a subtle nod to one of our favorite scenes in the entire book!

There seems to be some sort of character who involved with a tea cup, and I can’t wait to discover the reference! I never really read Peter Pan, but I liked the Disney movie? Either way, the tea towel is very pretty! (In the first picture, I have the tea towel spread out with the other objects on top – it was a lot bigger than I initially expected!)


Object number 2: Library card zipper pouch

Of course many characters of My Plain Jane share our love of libraries and books! So we knew we had to create a LitJoy-Exclusive pouch that features the names of characters from the classic Jane Eyre, My Plain Jane, and of course: the Lady Janies!

This is one of my favorite goodies! I think it is such a cute  idea and can’t wait to put it to good use! It’s a good size for pens, wallet/cash (or gold for my dragon readers), the souls of your enemies, anything you can think to put in it really!


Objects Number 3 and 4: Hogwarts Ghost Notebook and Feather Pen

…Charlotte Bronte is never seen without her notebook. She carries it everywhere… Now you have your own notebook to scribble notes in and it is even covered in a few of our favorite ghosts…

Grab your ghost notebook and your feather pen and start scribbling notes of your own.

This notebook is absolutely adorable (and includes Nearly Headless Nick on the back as well! Sorry if the picture is a bit blurry! I struggled with some of the lighting and positioning) The pen is awesome, I love how it is designed to look similarly to a quill, and the color is gorgeous!


Object Number 5: Jane Eyre Woodmark

My Plain Jane gives us a chance to see one [of] our favorite heroines fictional Jane Eyre and author Charlotte Bronte become friends! …we hope you use this wood mark to mark pages of your favorite classics (or retelling).

This bookmark surprised me at first – I didn’t realize it was made out of wood! It’s very thin and light, and the amount of detail and color is seriously impressive! I’m a little nervous to use the bookmark though, it doesn’t feel very flexible and I don’t want it to break.












Objects Number 7 and 8: LitJoy Trading Cards and The Last Magician Temporary Tattoo!

One of the best parts of this version of Jane Eyre was all of the allusions to Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Wuthering Heights and more.

Interestingly enough the temporary tattoo didn’t have it’s own section in the booklet so I guess it’s a fun little bonus? I ADORE these cards though! As a huge Pride and Prejudice fan, I fell head over heels for these trading cards! They’re absolutely gorgeous, excuse the heart eyes popping out of my head. They’re apart of a collectors series going on from June 2018 to May 2019, totaling in 54 cards! I can’t wait to see what the others look like!

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this box and think it was a wonderful experience. I felt like I got my money’s worth! I felt like there was a lot of thought and love put into this box. Whoever curated the box did a wonderful job in picking the items to include, and I LOVE that they included an explanation booklet.  I would seriously consider purchasing more boxes from LitJoy again!

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  1. I haven’t tried LitJoy before but it looks amazing! I love the tea towel and notebook.

    I am obsessed with Ink and Wonder’s woodmarks, they’re so pretty and I feel like they last longer than a paper bookmark ☺️

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