The Funny Life of a Book…worm?

Hello lovelies! As a book addict, I (naturally) have a Pinterest board full of book related memes, some of which help to explain the trials and tribulations of being a devoted reader. I decided to share them with you all today, and give some of you a glimpse into a readers world! I hope you enjoy and get as much of a laugh from these as I did!

To begin:

Many people call us bookworms (why?!), but true book lovers know the truth – we are really dragons, ferocious in our devouring of books and hoarding them like the piles of gold we know they are.
However it’s not always easy being a devoted reader. There can be a lot of ups…
And a lot of downs…
It can be an emotional roller coaster, but there’s nothing else we love more than winding down with a good book.
Being a book lover requires dedication and determination, and a little bit of insanity

But it’s okay, we can add it to our resumes as a skillset. As well as time management, because we’ve become experts at finding the spare time we need to do a little light reading.


There’s other things we do in our spare time of course, like seeing movie adaptions of our books! Just remember not to go with your friends unless they’ve read the book also, otherwise you may end up spoiling a few things…


The one thing your friends can count on is for you to have a few recommendations ready to go when the time comes and they ask for your help in a search for a good book


We are book dragons, strong of will, passionate and proud. We have lived many lives and will live many more. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t wait to keep going on more adventures!

Good Hunting!

1 thought on “The Funny Life of a Book…worm?”

  1. This is such a relatable post😂 I’ve always been a book dragon since I was a child and these memes have been my life for as long as I can remember! I’ve not really talked about books much on my blog but I can’t wait to start writing about them! Really cool and fun post
    Alex x


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