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Hello my book dragons! I’ve been ever so slightly remise in keeping up with my book box series and book box unhaulings (or really really remise). I have a wonderful reason why though! Because… I forgot. It is honestly that simple. Between all the packing, moving, getting settled in at college, and getting into the rhythm of a college life, I honestly forgot that I had purchased a book box and needed to unhaul it.

True to my word, though a tad late, I bring my unboxing to all you lovely readers today.  I will be reviewing my experience and thoughts on the quality of the box and products. So I bring you *drumroll* the June SpearCraft Book Box!



I purchased this book in late July, and purposefully chose to purchase their June box as I liked the theme of Star Crossed Lover’s better than their July box theme. When receiving the box and first opening it, I was greeted by the beautiful art of the “spoiler” card. The art was inspired by Aragorn and Arwen from Lord of the Rings.



The art and font are gorgeous right? After looking at it and digging a little deeper, I came across my first surprise. A tote bag inspired by the Beatles. I was a little confused, to say the least. Though I like the bag and don’t mind the design, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the box and wasn’t listed on the spoiler card. The only thing I can think of is there was a mix up of some kind and it was placed in the box accidentally.


Though it wasn’t supposed to be in there, I think the design looks pretty cool! Looking into the rest of the box before digging in, I was certainly intrigued!


Pulling out the paper, I came across another surprise – a poem by Genevieve Nicholson-Butts. It wasn’t listed on the spoiler card, and I couldn’t see much of a connection to the theme other than love. I wasn’t very pleased at the condition it was in either, folded and taped closed. It didn’t seem very professional, and I was getting very confused at this point.


Next, I pulled out this Bard of Soap. It smells AMAZING!!! I was so pleased by this soap and the packaging. I’m a huge fan of Shakespeare (and puns) and this soap packaging combined both! This was also the first item I pulled out, and including the King of star crossed lovers seemed like a no brainer for this box.


The next items I pulled out were these brilliant Princess Bride inspired pins. I’m already a sucker for pins, and I adore The Princess Bride, so I was fangirling a bit hard over these. The only way this could have been better was if there was a third pin with Inigo Montoya, though the iconic scene I’m thinking of might be a little wordy for a pin.


Next up was this First Knight inspired magnetic bookmark. I’ve never seen or used a magnetic bookmark before, but I thought this was super neat! I really like design as well and can’t wait to try it out!


The next item was a two sided bookmark with quotes from Illuminae. I haven’t read this book before, but after looking at the quotes I certainly want to now!! This also isn’t listed on the spoiler card, but the quotes do seem to fit with the theme of the box. The design is simple but lovely.



The next item is another bookmark, this time with a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The art is very pretty, but the text is hard to read and very dark, which is a slight design flaw that takes away from the overall appearance of the bookmark. Otherwise, it looks nice and is functional.


Next up is a Labyrinth inspired sticker. I’ve no strong feelings or opinions on this. I don’t get stickers very often though, I get panicked about taking the backing off and sticking it to something in case I change my mind.


There is also a Labyrinth inspired art print! I’m not a huge fan of the Labyrinth, but the art print is beautiful and I love the design! I appreciate how detailed the print is as well!


The next art print is inspired by Lord of the Rings and I’m absolutely over the moon for it! I think it is positively gorgeous, and I can’t wait to frame and hang this up on my wall!!! I think I’m a sucker for anything Lord of the Rings related, but even if it had a different quote with the same design, I’m pretty sure I would be just as happy.


Almost done! The last item before I got to the book was a double sided poster! On one side was the book cover, and on the other side is the map of the world of Sweet Black Waves. I thought this was a cool touch, I really enjoy having a map along with the book to look at and “see” where the character is. I imagine I’ll be using this frequently while reading the book.



Finally, we reach the book, which is the best part in my opinion! It is a hardcover copy of Sweet Black Waves by Kristina Perez. Inside the book was also a letter to the reader and a signed book plate, which I always love getting. The first book in a trilogy, this book is about Branwen, a magical woman torn between her duty to her kingdom and to her heart. I can’t wait to dive into this retelling of the star-crossed tale of Tristan and Eseult,




Final Thoughts:

Overall, I enjoyed receiving the majority of the items, though I was disappointed with the lack of variety amongst all the items. A lot of it was paper products, whether an art print, sticker, bookmark or poster. That made the soap and pins even better to me, it was a unique break and very playful.

The mistakes in the box took away from some of the enjoyment of receiving the box, since it was supposed to be catered to the theme of the book. However I do understand that mistakes happen. I’m not entirely sure I received my money’s worth, as I spent about $35 plus shipping, but I do appreciate the quality of the art and bookmarks.. Overall, I give this box a 3/5 stars.

Like what you saw? You can find the Spearcraft website here.

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Have you ever subscribed to Spearcraft before? Or any other book box? What was your experience? Do you want to go subscribe to one now? Let me know down in the comments below!!!

Good Hunting!!


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.






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