October Book of the Month Unboxing

Hello all! Welcome to my October subscription book box unhauling! This month I will be unboxing Book of the Month’s October box! This unboxing is apart of my Subscription Book Box Series!

Book of the Month is a little different than most of the other book boxes I’ve unhauled in the past! Book of the Month is a book subscription service that allows you to pick a single book from a selection of five books that month, usually of various genres! It only comes with the one book (unless you decide to add more books of course! You can add on extra books from a large selection of previously available books in different genres) and has FREE shipping! The entire box cost me $14.99! The only sad part is they only ship to people in the US or anyone in the military who was shipped overseas. This month I got an amazing coupon code for a FREE extra book – how could I not pass that up? Ready to see what I got?





I really enjoyed the packaging of the books and the cute little message inside.


Isn’t the cover of this book absolutely gorgeous? Its a hardback with one of those removable dust covers! This was my book selection of the month! The Clockmakers Daughter is a historical fiction! When looking at the different books available to pick from, they had short and snappy descriptions and the synopsis, and key information to know! This books is over 400 pages, about a Victorian woman, includes multiple viewpoints, a forbidden love and is slow building! It sounds like a slow fictional drama and was the most intriguing out of the 5 books available for October.


Circe is the free book I selected! I’ve heard so many great things about Circe and loved learning about and reading Greek mythology growing up (plus its another gorgeous looking cover, I’m a sucker for pretty books)! This is a historical fantasy (I see a pattern happening here) about the mythical sorceress Circe and her life finding where she belongs and her own power which draws the wrath of Gods and men alike. The key information listed for this book was feminist, a slow build, its supernatural and by a famous author!


My box also came with a little bookmark with a quote about reading which I think was a nice added touch. Overall, this box was a “you see what you get” type deal and gave me two new amazing books! I was very happy and felt like I got a steal for the price I payed and was very pleased by the free and quick shipping. Though it doesn’t have the excitement of a box of unknown goodies, it certainly didn’t leave me feeling disappointed, gaining a 5/5 star rating from me!

Like what you saw? You can check out their website here.

Not your style but interested in finding a book subscription box? You can find my list of YA book boxes here and my unboxings below!



Not sure what book subscription boxes are or how they work? You can find all the nitty gritty details here!

Do you subscribe to Book of the Month or any other book box? Let me know down in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Good Hunting!!


Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links

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