Holly Jolly Mistletoe

Today is day two of my week hosting Bookending Winter! Today’s prompt is going to discuss a holiday tradition that is seen as both romantic and potentially awkward – Mistletoe!

Prompt Title: Holly Jolly Mistletoe

Explanation: What character couples would you want to see stuck under some mistletoe? (Can be enemies, friends, characters you wish would have been together and weren’t, your favorite character couples)

At some point in time, book lovers everywhere has screamed “JUST KISS ALREADY!” at their favorite characters who obviously have some romantic tension but never act on it. Well, now you have an opportunity to stick those two under some mistletoe and walk away with pride knowing you might have just created the ultimate couple – or if you have a little more mischief – the ultimate disaster. Let your fandom ways come out and discuss who you would shove under some mistletoe, why and how you think they would react! Any book character is fair game, whether they’re already head over heels or mortal enemies. Ready? Set? Go!

My Selections:

  • My first selection is Ben and Tory from the Virals series. I’ve pretty much binge read all of the books in the series, I LOVE them so much (working on the last book now). One aspect that drives me crazy is that Ben and Tory keep repeatedly ignoring/refusing to talk about their feelings for one another. Enough of this! Under the mistletoe you two go! Most likely they would blush and stammer, and Ben would stand there, leaving it up to Tory whether to make a move or not. Their best friends, Hi and Shelton, would walk away but give each of them a hard time about it afterwards.
  • Calaena and Chaol of the Throne of Glass series (I’ve only read the first book and am going to try and read the rest soon, no spoilers please!!!) Calaena and Chaol are polar opposites but I feel like they would make a pretty great couple. They danced around the subject so much, but actions speak louder than words, and their actions were SCREAMING. Hopefully dangling some mistletoe over the two might get them to think about it more. Calaena would probably be totally confident and flirty, but I can imagine just how red and flustered Chaol would get. Most likely, nothing will happen but it would be so entertaining to see their interaction. Depending on their moods it would either range from an awkward and terse conversation, to a dramatic over-reaction.
  • Abigail and Charlie from the Jackaby series. Another story of two people who really like eachother and haven’t addressed it. I think these two would just be so adorable together! *SPOILER* Abigail does eventually buck up the nerve to kiss Charlie at the end of the second book, and I was so happy but it was left at that. *SPOILER OVER* I think it would be fun to see them at a Christmas party, blundering around each other awkwardly until they bump into one another under some mistletoe. I really don’t know how they would react, but I’m dying to find out.

Those are my couple selections! I think I like to play matchmaker a bit, as all of them aren’t official couples but certainly could be.

Some of my favorite book couples are:

Who are your favorite book couples? Who would you love to see under some mistletoe? Are you a matchmaker like me? Or do you just want to enjoy another sweet moment with your favorite book couples? Or do you have a Puckish side that demands a more dramatic pairing?

Make sure to tag me if you decide to answer today’s prompts so I can read all your wonderful responses!!!

Good Hunting!!


This post is part of the Bookending Winter 2018 event, hosted by Clo @ Book Dragons and Sam @ Fictionally Sam. Today’s prompt comes from Julia @ Fable Hunter.



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