The Sunday Comics: Introduction!

Hello everyone!

I’m Snipps! I’m a good friend of Julia’s and for the last few years that her blog, Fable Hunter, has been up, Julia has continually offered me the opportunity to write a blog post or series in addition to her usual posts. I’ve declined her in the past because I struggled with coming up with something I cared to share with the world in all of its glory and could express with my own true enthusiasm.  In recent reflection, and what I came to realize would be a glorious addition to Fable Hunter, would be a new segment featuring comics, graphic novels, and manga! 

I grew up loving the Sunday comics and read about every other form of illustrated storytelling since my elementary days. Frankly, comics are one of the few things I still regularly read. 

With “The Sunday Comics”, my goal is to share some of my favorite published and on-going comics, graphic novels and manga. I also seek to talk about the pieces that aren’t my favorites list, but may become someone else’s! Additionally, I hope to share how some artists and writers make their pieces available to read, whether it’s digital or in print. I’ll probably cover more topics related to comics as I come up with them and I’m happy to hear any suggestions for a post from you all! My goal is to post biweekly on Sundays as I am an active student working on some academic papers alongside the ‘just for kicks’ writing gig. 

I would like to give an advanced warning as I have read a wide variety of illustrated media with varying levels of mature themes or lack thereof. If I’m doing a comic review, I will not go into gross detail about everything that may happen and give ratings similarly to how movies, TV shows and video games are rated with warnings about the content so if there is something you are not comfortable with you can avoid it! There were definitely books and series that I’ve read where having a warning about the themes and graphicness would have been appreciated beforehand. We all have different levels of comfort and sensitivities and that’s okay! I want people to find works that they enjoy and are comfortable with because that is what reading is about! 

To begin this series, I’m doing a review on one of my all time favorite comics: “Nimona” by Noelle Stevenson! Julia is going to do her fancy computer-bloggy-thing and link the “Nimona” review to this page! Hope to see you guys there! 



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