Holiday Traditions

Hello all! Today is my last day as a Bookending Winter host. It's been such a fun few days, I've loved coming up with prompts for people to write in response to. However, I'm feeling a bit sentimental today, so today's prompt is less of a prompt per say and more of just a discussion of my personal favorite Holiday books and movies. There's always a few I go back to each and every year, and I'd love to share them with you all today.


Christmas Cover Hunt

Hello my lovely book dragons! Today is my first day as host to the fantastic Bookending Winter event, and I hope you are all prepared to toss on some Santa hats and grab a few reindeer (or at least make your wings look more festive) because today I am sending you all on a Christmas Cover Hunt!

Christmas Characters Tag

Happy December everyone! This month, I will be participating in Bookending Winter, but I am also *drumroll* a host and have four holiday prompts/discussions for all you lovely elves! *Commence happy dance* I will be hosting from the 11th - 14th so keep an eye out for some holiday inspired fun!