Shapeshifter: 3 Character’s I’d Dress Up As For Halloween!


It’s day 18 of Blogoween and my fifth day of participating! The prompt I’m doing today is from day 15:

Shapeshifter – Characters you’d like to dress up as for Halloween!

This prompt is hosted by the lovely Jamsu at Jamsudreams. Go check out her amazing blog if you’re not following her already! I’m so excited to be doing such a fun post, and had the hardest time picking just a few characters, there are so many amazing ones to choose from!! Luckily I was able to narrow it down to three characters I’d happily dress up as for Halloween!

Not sure what blogoween is? Check out Clo’s blog here for more information!

Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

I may be a girl, but Howl has such a crazy and unique sense of style I can’t help but want to dress up like him! Howl loves to mess with his hair and has been anything from blonde, to red, to black, so go crazy! He changes his outfits more than he changes his hair, so for this look I’m going with the first look that comes to mind at the beginning of the book/movie! To shapeshift into Howl, I would need:

  • Long blonde hair
  • Emerald green dangle earrings
  • Gold and ruby ring
  • Saphire necklace
  • Pink/Red and gray diamond patterned cape/cloak
  • White collared shirt tucked into black pants
  • Plain black shoes
Kelsey Hayes from Tiger’s Curse

The main character of one of my favorite book series, dressing like Kelsey would actually be very simple for her daily look. I love to wear my hair in a braid, and one day I dressed in a blue t-shirt and my friend actually said I looked like how she imagined Kelsey would one day which made me super happy! So I think I could pull this one of easily! To shapeshift into Kelsey (again), I would need:

  • Braided brown hair (any braid works but a classic french braid is ideal) tied with a ribbon
  • Plain t-shirt (preferably in a cobalt blue)
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers/running shoes/hiking boots
  • Gold snake armlet with emerald eyes
  • And for an extra touch, a backpack or journal
Izzy Lightwood from City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments

I love City of Bones and think dressing up as a shadowhunter in general would be so much fun! But the shadowhunter I’d shapeshift into is Izzy Lightwood. This girl radiates confidence and is so fierce! To shapeshift into her I would need:

  • Long black hair
  • All black clothing – preferably a black dress, black crop top or a top with cut outs or mesh, black leggings or jeans.
  • Black or red leather jacket if its cold out
  • Black boots with heels or black heels
  • Silver necklace with a pendant with a red jewel in the center
  • Silver snake bracelet
  • Drawn on runes all over, especially on arms, neck and shoulder
  • Red lipstick


That’s my list! What character would you dress up as for Halloween? Have you dressed like a character for Halloween before? Let me know down in the comments below!

Good Hunting!


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