Book Review: In Fallen Woods

HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE!!!! This may be my favorite month, partially because it’s my birthday month, partially because it finally feels like fall and partially because of HALLOWEEN!!! Blogoween has also officially started, and I’m so thrilled to begin participating in such a fun event! My excitement is through the roof right now and I can hardly contain myself. To kick off the beginning of October and get into the fall spirit, here’s a book review of a fantastic fantasy novel about witches!



Book Title: In Fallen Woods

Author: R N Merle

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 5/5


Long ago in England, and far away to the west…

In the dark heart of Fallen Woods, Darklin, a sixteen year old witch and her mother Gressyl, live hidden among the tangled trees. They are bound to a secret coven practicing dark and cruel magic. Darklin is taught to be merciless and to despise humanity, to believe that beauty is treacherous, and that love and kindness do not truly exist.

But when Darklin has a fateful encounter with a beautiful and kind hearted young man, powerful feelings are unleashed. As urges of attraction and destruction war inside Darklin’s heart, which urge will she give way to, and where will it lead her?

My Review:

I received a free e-book in exchange for an honest review

    When the author first contacted me about reading In Fallen Woods, I was instantly curious. I love a good fantasy and the description was unlike any book I could think of. Now looking back, I was very lucky and glad to have been given a chance to read this book. In Fallen Woods is a unique fantasy unlike any other story I’ve read before: dark and enthralling. Before I even finished the first chapter I was hooked and just couldn’t read fast enough!
    Meeting the main character Darklin was like taking a dive headlong into pitch black darkness. Darkness is all Darklin knows, all that she has grown up with as long as she can remember. Looking at the world through Darklin’s eyes was disorienting, and sometimes even upsetting. She has been taught to loath goodness, beauty, and above all else, love. The witch she lives with, Gressyl, hates all things pure and good and taught Darklin to do the same. Gressyl is a witch in the coven of Vardyn, meaning her powers are only to be used to punish and torment others, and she is training Darklin to eventually take her place.
    The author Rebecca Merle has created an intricate depth to the story, and I was on an emotional roller coaster the entire time. There were times I was a bundle of nerves, practically biting my nails with anticipation. The plot twists had me spinning, and I found myself going from disliking Darklin to empathizing deeply with her. As the story unfolds and you learn more about Darklin, the darkness slips away to reveal a young girl full of conflicting emotions trying to find her place in life.
    I eventually fell in love with Darklin and some of the characters she meets, such as John and his kind family. The friendships that form and the slow and gentle romance marks the character growth Darklin goes through. By the end of the book, everything tied together brilliantly, and I almost wept with joy. My emotions were thoroughly wrenched throughout the course of this novel, and I loved every second of it.
    I am entirely enamored with this book. It doesn’t remind me of any book I’ve read before,  and the plot was full of head spinning twists, and the writing was pure gold. I thought the author’s writing style was lyrical, descriptive and thoughtful. I give this book 5/5 stars, and I highly recommend it to any fantasy lovers.
Disclaimer: there was some minor violence in the book towards people and animals that could be potentially triggering. 

7 thoughts on “Book Review: In Fallen Woods”

  1. This synopsis kind of reminds me of Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf, which I really liked! I feel like witches have been kind of under the radar in YA, but I hope that they are making a comeback just in time for Halloween.

    I love books with morally grey characters who you hate, but then learn to love when their backstory is revealed. An author really knows what she is doing if she can completely change my mind about a character!


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