Series Announcement – Book Box Delights!

Book Box Delights


I love visiting bookstores. Every time I see one, I dash inside, vibrating with excitement. There is something so soothing about being able to explore a building full of books. I love being able to see, touch, and even read the book(s) I will potentially buy. But, there are some days when I just don’t want to leave the house. On those days, wouldn’t it be nice to stay in your pj’s as long as you like while perusing new books and, even better, new bookish goodies?! Well, in this day and age, that’s EXACTLY what you can do – with subscription book boxes!

I was first introduced to these amazing treasure boxes by my parents. They surprised me with an Owlcrate box at Christmas. Within this lovely little box, I discovered squeal worthy bookish goodies themed to a fabulous book. It was a new experience for me, and I loved that the box was curated and the contents were a surprise. The best part? I don’t even need to leave my bed to order one of these marvelous boxes, and it’s delivered right to my doorstep!

Though I loved the box and wanted more, I was swept away by the flow of school after winter break, and forgot about my bookish treasure box for a while. One day, as I browsed through Instagram, I noticed that some of the bookstagram accounts I followed had book box unhauling pictures. I wondered, how many different companies offered curated subscription book boxes? With a quick search, I realized with both frustration and fascination that there were SO MANY!

I felt overwhelmed and delighted by all the wonderful options. I began to think, “I must not be the only person who gets a little lost trying to find a book box that fits my interest! What if I created a list?” Well, my lovely readers, that is exactly what I tried to do here for you! Emphasis on the tried – there were SO MANY boxes, and SO MUCH information I wanted to include, that I decided I needed to make multiple lists! This may take some time, but I am writing a book box subscription series. You may now proceed to cheer and clap.

Keep an eye out for my posts relating to all things book boxes, from what they are, to the different types available, as well as unhauling reviews and much more! I’m super excited to do this series and can’t wait to dive in to the nitty gritty details of subscription book boxes.

I’d love to hear some thoughts! Are you excited as well? Have you ordered a subscription box before? What was your experience like? Have you thought about subscribing but didn’t know where to begin? Hopefully I can help answer any questions in my upcoming posts! Stay tuned!

Happy Hunting my fellow Book Dragons!

14 thoughts on “Series Announcement – Book Box Delights!”

  1. I love book boxes! I used to have Bookishly, and then Prudence and the Crow. They’re both subscriptions where you get a vintage paperback, some stationary and some tea. I’d definitely recommend Bookishly, their stationary is to die for!

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  2. I’ve never had a subscription box beauty/book based so I cannot wait to read your upcoming posts about all the book boxes available because I’d love to get one and see what they’re like but I wouldn’t know where to start!

    Jess //

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